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Just as a wolf pack restores harmony to an ecosystem, our Harmony Pack is dedicated to re-creating harmony between human and animal species, and restoring our balance within the global community of all species on Mother Earth.


Are you an Avid Animal LOVER?

* What would it feel like to connect heart-to-heart with humans who love animals, then connect and communicate with the animals themselves?

* What if you were supported by our community in your business/calling that is contributing to the planet?

* Then this is your HOME, the Harmony Pack, where humans connect with animals, wild and domestic, for healing each other and transforming the separation that is poisoning our world!

Hi, I’m community Harmony Pack leader Kate Solisti! Simply put, I believe that packs have the power to change the world. They bring people (often from all over the world!) with the same beliefs and value systems together and enable them to impact the communities around them.

Let’s be honest, it can be lonely to care so deeply about a cause. As you feel distress watching the polar bears in crisis, your friends and co-workers may be more concerned about tonight’s game! As you decide what food to feed your pet, you may feel you have no one to turn to for advice besides the expensive vet.

That is why I created this Pack - to unite like minded people on a mission!

The Harmony Pack Supports You, Your Animals, and Mother Earth

During our time together, you will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of animal nutrition so you can make informed choices in the food isle AND with your vet.

  • Learn to communicate clearly with your pet(s), so they understand what you want, and make the desired changes quickly!

  • Gain tools to change unacceptable behaviors, so there's more peace, harmony, and ease in your home.

  • Get the latest info on vaccines, supplements, holistic treatments and therapies.

  • Deepen your bond with your companion animals for more joy and fun.

  • Receive messages from Wild Animals.

  • Discuss ways to be advocates for Wild Animals in danger with other, like minded members.

  • Learn interspecies communication and receive guidance on your own spiritual journey.

  • Have a place to ‘think outside the box’ with members!

  • Become more connected to the Oneness you are a part of so you evolve into a profound healing agent for animals and our world.


These unique and invaluable benefits will come from interacting every week with other members, myself, and our 4 recorded phone calls or videos a month!

I invite you to join this one-of-a-kind pack for people with a deep connection to Mother Earth and all her two, four, and no-footed children. You are needed, and together we will change the world.

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Additional Membership Benefits:

  • First chance to participate in special events, webinars and opportunities like "Awakening to the Ancient Elephant Song," ten day journey in KENYA on September 2019.

  • Receive weekly newsletter focused on pet health tips, Flower Remedy application, animal communication, holistic therapies, classes, workshops, special opportunities and more.
  • Access to our Extensive Library of Free recordings

  • Monthly healing gatherings with/for the Wild Animals
  • Member-only events created by, with, and for pack members

  • Choose an animal-focused non-profit organization that we will donate to/support every year

  • Network, share, and exchange your products and services with pack members.

  • Priority scheduling for private sessions for pet nutrition, communication, and end-of-life.

Upcoming events

  • New Sessions Weekly!

Harmony Pack, a Membership organization of Kinship Enterprises and Kate Solisti. PO Box 831, Rutland, Vermont, USA 05701. 

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