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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."    

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  • Special Guest: Niki Levesque!

Special Guest: Niki Levesque!

  • 12 Dec 2018
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • phone conference


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I am really excited to have Niki Levesque join our Pack for this Wednesday's session! If you have a dog, love dogs, know people with dogs, you won't want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn from a trainer dedicated to teaching humans how to think with their dogs and always connect from the heart.

Here's her awesome bio: For over 20 years Nicole has made it her life journey to try and bring a better understanding between dogs and their humans.  When she rescued an Australian Shepherd/Husky cross named Zachary and a fearful rescued Australian Shepherd named Reis, she realized that a corrective style of training would break down a relationship instead of building one of trust and love.  That realization brought her to the sport of Dog Agility and positive reinforcement training.

Through life lessons handed to her by those dogs, and the ones that followed, she learned that there was much more to dog training and dog sports than the competitive nature of it.  By learning to “speak” to her dogs and by showing students how to communicate non verbally using body language, you could create a team that not only had success in the ring, but a better life journey together.  

Her constant searching to understand her canine teammates led her to a Finnish training school called "OneMind Dogs." This group’s motto is Two Souls, One Mind. The program was largely developed when founding member Janita Leinonen’s top level completion dog started to go deaf.  Instead of ending their career, Janita began to look and see how the dogs reacted to the physical cues and signals that the handlers would use.  "Deaf Dog Taught Us How To Listen" became the catch phrase.  They now teach the competitive sport always from the dog’s perspective.  In 2013 Nicole worked to learn whatever she could from this group, and was invited to join the group as one of 24 Assistant Coaches in the program world wide.    

Nicole currently teaches agility in Arvada, Colorado full time and shares her life with 3 Border Collies and an Australian Shepherd.

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