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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."    

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Energy & Animal Communication Webinar

  • 20 Jul 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom


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I've been invited to teach a webinar on Animal Communication on "Holistic Actions," the community of my friend Dr. Christina Chambreau, who many of you have heard from on our HP sessions, and her colleague Dr. Jeff Feinman. They are both holistic vets specializing in Homeopathy.

I think you'll all enjoy my presentation and it will help remind you of some things you know but may have forgotten about the Art of Interspecies communication.

This is happening on Monday, July 20th (instead of our usual Wednesday). You're need to register on THIS link to get a new Zoom link for the webinar.

Here's some info Dr. Jeff sent out: 

This month's Empower Hour! webinar series is all about energy - from the cellular energy that powers your pet's body to unseen energies like their auras, biofields, and vital forces.

So it will come as no surprise therefore that both this email and Monday's webinar are about energy.

The topic of how your pets can be helped by the energy of animal communication may seem surprising however, because most things that HA! teaches are based in current science. Things that have been verified by peer-reviewed laboratory research, like mitochondrial function and energy generation mechanisms, and their role in physical function of both humans and animals.

There are, however, subtle energies that are not measurable by scientific instruments but have been taught by ancient spiritual and medical traditions for centuries. Vitality, balance and homeopathy are all based on a "hypothesis" that is not understood by conventional science. They are based on an energy that is not currently quantifiable or fully understandable, unlike cellular energy.

Non-physical energies, like Prana and Chi (which are the terms for “life force” used in the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medical systems) are not measurable and are therefore not currently a part of western medicine. But the approaches used by these ancient and popular traditions are based on techniques that utilize Prana and Chi in healing.

Scientists are beginning to measure and understand it but have been observing its effects since Newton watched that famed apple fall from the tree. At that time, gravitational forces did not exist and could not be measured. Gravity, like all energy, follows immutable laws of nature such as the first law of thermodynamics in physics which is also called "conservation of energy".

This is important because the energy that leaves living beings when they pass away does not just vanish. And some gifted people like Kate Solisti who is the Empower Hour! guest in a few days can sense it even though the energy that enables animal communication can not be physically measured.

Everything we do and all of our daily experiences are propelled by these unseen forces—energies that we can’t quantify or grasp—including the power of intentions, thoughts, and emotions.

But this energy that enlivens us is not unique to us.

The most profound and underlying energy is the spirit that resides within all living beings. It helps animate and connect us all and never vanishes even after we pass away. This unifying energy of the spirit allows gifted people like our Monday webinar guest, to connect with any being.

Kate Solisti has been connecting with animals since the age of two, when she experienced hearing her kitty's thoughts.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kate last week and hearing her remarkable story and many other amazing stories she tells about her conversations with animals.

The animals she has communicated with all have expressed similar messages to her

The only true healing is reminding a being of perfect health and balance. Anything else is invasive. (The Cat Council)

I hope you enjoy the video, which is an excerpt of our wonderful dialogue.

Click/tap here for the 13 minute video.

If you would like to join HA! Gold members on Monday's (7/20) free webinar, just click HERE.:

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday evening!
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